Feb 8th NCC Salon screens new doc ONCE UPON A LEW MOON about Lew Hunter

The February 8th Salon will be a celebration of screenwriting and one of the premiere teachers of writing for film: Lew Hunter. We’ll get a sneak peek of the brand new documentary about Lew directed by Lonnie Senstock, ONCE IN A LEW MOON. Both Lew and Lonnie will be in attendance and taking your questions.

As most NCCers know from his annual appearances at the Salon, Lew Hunter is a Nebraska boy who made a name for himself in Hollywood back in the 1960s as a studio and network executive, then major writer for TV and film. For over 20 years, Lew was head of screenwriting for UCLA, where he taught many of the top filmmakers in the business. His book is still the gold standard, and at his Screenwriting Colony he continues to teach from his home in Superior, NE.

ONCE IN A LEW MOON is the new documentary by Lonnie Senstock. It features interviews with a who’s who of Hollywood heavyweights talking about Lew and the art of writing for the screen: Academy award-winning screenwriters Billy Wilder (“Some Like It Hot”), Julius Epstein (“Casablanca”), Ron Bass (“Rainman”), Callie Khouri (“Thelma and Louise”), Francis Ford Coppola (“The Godfather”), and Oliver Stone (“Platoon”), who were guests in Lew’s 434 screenwriting class. NCCers Alexander Payne and Jim Taylor (“Sideways”), Jon Bokenkamp (“The Blacklist”), Tom Osborne, Laurie Richards and many more also are in the film.

Don’t miss this chance to see this remarkable film about a remarkable man who has had a huge impact on the world of screenwriting. It’s going to be a great evening…Monday night, February 8th, 2016!

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