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NCCer Talent Showcase

Monday, January 9th, 2006

January’s Salon is YOUR chance to shine!  YOU will be the guest at the next Nebraska Coast Connection Salon tonight….in a festival format giving everybody in the room a chance to Show-and-Tell just how talented they really are. It is the first-ever Hollywood SalonFest, where we offer up the chance to show your latest film or reel, short or personal project.  We want to see your work! (How often do you hear THAT in Hollywood?!?) You will have an audience of eager and supportive NCCers, ready to see your stuff and give you reactions, feedback, or whatever you wish. And you get the chance to tell everyone you just screened your work at CBS!  Directors and Producers, bring your latest masterpiece. Actors, bring your reel or your clip from that recent gig.  Editors and Visual Artists, show us what you are working on. Musicians, you could bring your music, too. And everyone watching will have a chance to discover the latest talents, find collaborators and get inspired by your friends. (Who will be there to see your piece…a famous director, a bigshot executive, a major talent agent…?  You wanna get ‘discovered’?!)  Bring any five-minute segment of anything you want. On DVD, VHS or CD. (We will hold you to five minutes or less per person, so plan to have your tape cued up and/or have your segment prepared so we can get in everybody’s selections. If you have a longer segment, bring along someone else who participated in it, and you can both have five minutes!)

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