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Lew Hunter

Monday, February 8th, 2010

Lew. Hunter. Yep, Lew Hunter was back: Monday, February 8th. Another great Salon. Stories, insights, connections you just can’t get anywhere else.  Lew’s a bridge to both a golden past and the very future of Hollywood.  We are so lucky to have him.


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January Guest – YOU

Monday, January 11th, 2010

This was the first Nebraska Coast Connection Hollywood Salon of 2010, and it was the one where YOU get to show off…It’s the return of SALONFEST, our ever-popular NCC mini-film festival! This has become one of our funnest annual Salons.  It’s the festival where we will show 3 minutes of anything you want to showcase. You get to cue up your latest short, or your reel, or anything you helped to create on DVD, and we’ll show 3 minutes of it at the January Salon. (And yes, as in past years, if you really want to show something longer, someone may loan you their 3 minutes). What did YOU show at SALONFEST 2010?? It was YOUR chance to show us what you got (so make sure you come next year!).  It was an eclectic and fast-paced evening…full of surprises, complete with popcorn.

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