April 10th Salon with Director/Writer Christine Conradt!

Our April guest has written more movies than almost all our other guests combined! Now she’s branching out into directing, including her latest film which just finished shooting in Fremont, Nebraska! Come and meet her and hear all about her latest career moves into directing at the Hollywood Salon on Monday, April 10th.

Christine Conradt
has written more than 60 produced films and TV movies which have aired on Lifetime, LMN, USA, Fox, and Showtime. She has directed three feature films including her most recent Christmas-themed movie 12 DAYS OF GIVING, and produced several others. 

Originally from Lincoln, Nebraska, Christine got her BFA in screenwriting from the University of Southern California. She went on to obtain a Masters in Criminal Justice from Boston University.In addition to writing, directing, and producing, Christine provides script consulting and development services, gives seminars and workshops across the U.S. and Canada, and has three online webinars available at the Writers Store. She has been a contributor to Now Write! Screenwriting, Now Write! Speculative Genres, Tailslate.net, and Writer’s Tricks of the Trade magazine. She also signed a three-book deal with HarperCollins earlier this year. 

Her latest film directing gig, shot on location in Nebraska, is 12 DAYS OF GIVING: When disillusioned photographer Baxter Billings (David Blue) wins $50,000 in a sweepstakes, he uses the money to help people in need, indavertently becoming his small town’s Secret Santa. One recipient of his good deeds, a 7 year old boy named Westin (Jax Connolly), figures out that it’s Baxter and threatens to reveal his identity if he doesn’t teach him how to play hockey. In doing spending time with the boy, Baxter begins to fall for Westin’s single mother Pamela (Ashley Jones).

Christine is in post now on the film, and she promises to bring us a sneak peek of the work-in-progress, and share stories about the rare opportunity to shoot in small-town Nebraska.

Come meet a prolific screenwriter and one of the biz’s new female film directors. It’s going to be a great Salon on Monday night, April 10th!

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