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Monday, November 11th, 2019
Hollywood Salon: See into the Future
TED SCHILOWITZ, Paramount Futurist in Residence
3-D, 4K – Do you ever wonder what’s NEXT in the future of film and TV? That is not only our November guest’s job, but he leads the way in the ever-emerging cinema  technology. Come with your questions, for he can see into the magic crystal ball!

Ted Schilowitz is Futurist in Residence at Paramount Studios where he is an expert on emerging technologies, focusing on virtual reality and augmented reality. He determines how entertainment can leverage these latest technologies to shape the next generation of film entertainment. Previously, Ted worked as a consulting futurist at 20th Century Fox where he combined art and science to create the film experience of the future.

Notably, he has been an essential contributor to emerging technology, altering the direction of cinema. As a founding member of RED Digital Cinema he developed the RED Camera which shifted the industry standard to a high-resolution technology. He also developed G-Tech, advanced hard drive storage used by professionals. Previously, he launched the Macintosh desktop video division of the AJA Video Systems.

While working with Barco Escape, he developed an immersive theater experience which added right and left screens to movie theaters. Barco Escape projects include STAR TREK BEYOND, THE MAZE RUNNER, and THE SCORCH TRIALS

You’re invited to see into the future with Ted Schilowitz on November 11th! We look forward to seeing you – in the future! 




Monday, October 14th, 2019
Hollywood Salon: Art and Activism
ERICA LARSEN-DOCKRAY, Animator, Calibraska Arts Founder, Director, & Teaching Artist
MARY-LYN CHAMBERS, Award-Winning Director, TIJUANA 

Get FIRED UP! Our fall season continues with TWO October guests. Both are challenging the gender-specific status quo in the film industry, blazing the trail and shaping the landscape of the future. Come Monday, October 14th with your burning questions!  

Erica Larsen-Dockray is an Animation and Media Artist, Entrepreneur, Educator, and Activist. She is also adjunct faculty at her alma mater, CalArts, in the Film/Video School’s Experimental Animation program. Erica’s class,THE ANIMATED WOMAN, was featured in the Los Angeles & New York Times.

In 2013 she founded the CALIBRASKA ARTS INITIATIVE, a cross-cultural summer program bringing teaching artists from California to Nebraska. Erica also co-founded SCV ADVENTURE PLAY FOUNDATION with her husband Jeremiah, creating play spaces for children and adults. 

Her art practice includes hybrid installations which have been showcased in cultural institutions including the Los Angeles Municipal Gallery and at the Art Festival Kesenian Indonesia. In the fall of 2019, she is slated to create an installation at The New Children’s Museum in San Diego, CA.

Mary-Lyn Chambers was born in Fiji, raised in New Zealand, and is known for creating narratives about inequality in Spanish and English. She is a Fellow in the Sony Diverse Directors Program and Film Independent’s Project Involve. She is currently in the Alliance of Women Directors Career Advancement Program.
TIJUANA, her award-winning 1920’s film screened at Slamdance, Bentonville, Hollyshorts and is an IMAGEN AWARD nominee. THE PLURAL OF BLOOD won BEST TV PILOT at Downtown LA Festival and released on Amazon. DEBRIS ESCOMBROS, exploring child refugees in US Immigration Detention Centers screened during the 2016 Cannes Film Festival and won BEST SHORT from Manchester Film Festival and BEST FEMALE DIRECTOR from Hollyshorts.
Chambers is known for hiring women and minorities and is vocal about human rights and inclusion. She spent a decade working on the Spirit Awards and the LA Film Festival. Between 2010-2013, she worked in Qatar for the Doha Tribeca Film Festival.

Come and witness these change-makers in action. We look forward to seeing you on Monday, October 14th!



Monday, September 9th, 2019
Hollywood Salon Double-Header
JAMIE VESAY, Location Scout, Manager, and Producer &
DAVID RABINOWITZ, Oscar Award-Winning Screenwriter – BLACKKKLANSMAN

This month brings double the talented guests for your Salon pleasure. One is even FLYING IN special just for YOU. That’s TWO incredibly giving and talented September guests!

They both are leaders in the film industry, and both do the jobs that get the ball rolling on entertainment projects. Without their career fields, films don’t get off the ground. Catch our talented guests on Monday, ask all your questions, and watch them knock them out of the park!

Jamie Vesay is a Location Scout, Manager, and Producer for commercial photographers, filmmakers, and advertising creatives. Beginning in Special Effects he took his Hollywood-honed skills to Nebraska where he shifted to working in production as a manager and producer, and then additionally as a location scout. He collaborated with Alexander Payne on DOWNSIZING in Omaha and was the lead Location Scout and Key Assistant Location Manager on NEBRASKAHe is making a special trip from NE to share his knowledge!

David Rabinowitz is an Oscar-winning screenwriter and co-producer of  BLACKKKLANSMAN. He got his start working as a multimedia producer for the Wall Street Journal. Since, he’s worked as a freelance video editor, copywriter, and motion graphics artist. David is from East Brunswick, New Jersey, and a graduate of Quinnipiac University. David and his writing partner are currently penning an action-thriller called THATCHER ISLAND forBerlanti Productions, which is an adaptation of the book ANIMAL by NY Times bestselling author Casey Sherman.

It’s going to be an action-packed double header at this month’s Salon. We look forward to seeing you on Monday, September 9th!






Monday, August 12th, 2019
Hollywood Salon
Our Special Guest: TERRENCE STONE, Voiceover Artist & Director

Our upcoming Salon invites you to hear from someone who has over 100 Hollywood credits to their name in a multitude of capacities, and who is still going strong. By definition, Terrence Stone is the epitome of a working Angeleno Artist!

Terrence Stone is an Irish-American Voice Artist, Voice Director, Loop Group Director, and a Film/TV actor. He has created hundreds of voice roles in film, TV, anime, computer games, and documentaries. Known best for playing the Innkeeper in the game Hearthstone from Blizzard Entertainment, he also has four MPSE nominations. 

Currently living in the Los Angeles area, Terrence is a Voice Director with Dreamworks for WHERE’S WALDO and is also working on a new animated series for Marvel. Prior to this, he was Voice Director for the SPY KIDS animated series currently streaming on Netflix.
Most recently, he directed the well-received Nintendo Switch game Octopath Traveler, and has just completed the live action films, A PARIS ROMANCE for Hallmark, and JARHEAD 4 for UFO Productions.

You can occasionally catch Terry with on-screen Film and TV roles, and he also coordinates/directs Loop Groups for Films and TV, as well as voice replacement, and sound-alikes. He has also been a Stuntman, casting director, Talent Agent/Manager, and still does voice and acting coaching.

See you Monday, August 12th! 

Also, be sure to check out our incredible upcoming Salons, all summer long…

AUGUST:  Terrence Stone, Voice Director and Actor, with recent credits including SPY KIDS and WHERE’S WALDO
SEPTEMBER DOUBLE HEADER:  Jamie Vesay, Location Scout for UP IN THE AIR, DOWNSIZING, & NEBRASKA, and David Rabinowitz, Oscar-Winning Screenwriter for BLACKKKLANSMAN


You Saw Her First at the Hollywood Salon

Rachel Roth has been an avid 3-year NCC member and volunteer. She shared a proof-of-concept trailer for her project BAIT AND SWITCH at the NCC SalonFest in January, which is now becoming a comic book! Fellow NCCer Corinne Schipull is creating artwork with Erica Ostrowski coloring.

An Indiegogo has launched in order to pay the artists for their hard work, cover pitch and promotion costs, and get the first issue off the ground. Please donate and share! For more info, check out our Facebook post about BAIT AND SWITCH!


Monday, July 8th, 2019
Hollywood Salon
Welcomes AUDREY MOORE, Actress and Podcast Host of AUDREY HELPS ACTORS


Becoming a working actor in Los Angeles takes time, talent, and a whole lot of perseverance. Through firsthand experience, our July Salon guest Audrey Moore has not only solved much of the LA acting Rubik’s cube, but openly shares her findings so creatives can lift each other up with their wins!

Audrey Moore is a working actress in Los Angeles. Originally from New Mexico, Audrey trained and performed in Boston, London, and NYC before making LA her home. Her most notable acting credits include a series regular role on Netflix’s GODLESS, recurring on season 2-4 of AMC’s BETTER CALL SAUL, and several other guest and recurring roles on THE OA, FEUD!, CASTLE ROCK and many more!

Audrey is also host of the very popular podcast, AUDREY HELPS ACTORS, where she talks with working class actors about the nitty gritty stuff that falls somewhere in between getting your first headshots and winning awards.Meet Audrey who is looking forward to sharing her knowledge & expertise with YOU.

See you on Monday, JULY 8th!

Also, be sure to check out our incredible upcoming Salons, all summer long…

AUGUST:  Terrence Stone, Voice Director and Actor, with recent credits including SPY KIDS and WHERE’S WALDO
SEPTEMBER DOUBLE HEADER:  Jamie Vesay, Location Scout for UP IN THE AIR, DOWNSIZING, & NEBRASKA, and David Rabinowitz, Oscar-Winning Screenwriter for BLACKKKLANSMAN

Monday, May 13th, 2019
Hollywood Salon
Our Special Guest: ALEXIS DVORAK, 2nd Assistant Director, Directors Guild of America

Our May 13th guest has an incredible opportunity to share with the NCC! Alexis Dvorak is a 2nd Assistant Director and member of the Director’s Guild of America – and she is looking for Production Assistants to add to her roster. As a Nebraskan, she is looking forward to receiving the resumes of hard-working individuals like YOU that she can call on for projects RIGHT NOW! Bring your resume and come meet her at our next Salon!

Alexis was raised in Laurel, NE, a small farming community in the Northeast corner of the state. She attended Laurel-Concord Public High School and graduated Wayne State College in 2008 with a degree in Broadcasting and Advertising, and again in 2011 with a Master in Business Administration.

Upon graduation, she worked for the Norfolk Daily News as their first Staff Videographer and Graphic Artist. In 2012 she was hired as a Costume Production Assistant on set of NEBRASKA under designer Wendy Chuck.

In January of 2014, she left her Nebraska roots and moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in film/television. She was a production assistant on shows such as GLEE, FURIOUS 7, BABY DADDY, PRETTY LITTLE LIARS, and HART OF DIXIE.

She was accepted into the highly competitive Directors Guild-Producer Assistant Director Training Program (ADTP) 2015 class, and over two years, was under the ADTP’s tutelage on shows such as AMERICAN CRIME STORY, BONES, BROOKLYN NINE-NINE, KINGDOM, and SUPERSTORE.

In December of 2017, she graduated from the ADTP and became a member of the Directors Guild of America as a 2nd Assistant Director. Since then she has worked on a variety of shows such as 9-1-1, CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND, KIDDING, DIRTY JOHN, STRANGE ANGEL, SAVING ALEX, and currently, TACOMA F.D. on TruTV.

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet a working AD with a burgeoning career. Find out all about the DGA Assistant Director’s Training from someone who’s been through it. You may even land a position as a PA…at the Salon on Monday, May 13th. See you there! 

Holiday Party: Dec 9, 2013

Save the Date: DECEMBER 9th! That’s our annual NCC Salon Holiday Bash. And it’s going to be the best party ever. Live Music and…special surprise guests…Santa…great food & drinks…awesome raffle prizes. 8pm in the mezzanine at the Culver Hotel. See you there!

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Help: How to automatically print the next salon date.

The NCC website contains special code that will automatically calculate and print out the date of the next salon. For example, you can write a post with the sentence, “Join us at the next Hollywood Salon, [ncc_next_salon_date]!” and the date will always be current and correct, without the need to ever update your post.

How to do this:

  1. In your post, where you wish the date to appear, type:

Requires: [ncc_echo_code]NCC Shortcodes[/ncc_echo_code] plugin.

Important: If you want to refer to a specific salon date, say Monday, December 13, 2010, then do not use this code. Type out the specific date instead. Using this code always updates each month to show the next salon date.

Notes: If the date does not appear, go to the plugin section of the Admin Page and check that the [ncc_echo_code]NCC Shortcodes[/ncc_echo_code] plugin is installed and active. If the words “the second Monday of every month” appear instead of the date, this indicates an error occurred inside the plugin. In that case, contact the site developer or webmaster with a detailed explanation of the error.

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(photo) Producer Darryl Zanuck at work.

The Hollywood Salon

<<Hollywood Salon Logo>>

Everybody knows about the legends of the entertainment world who got their start in Nebraska… Johnny Carson, Marlon Brando, Fred Astaire, Darryl Zanuck. In an industry where it’s all about who you know, it’s not a bad idea to stick together. The Nebraska Coast Connection is an alliance of people who share a common spirit and a link to the Midwest. You can be part of us if you actually come from the state, or if you come from a Nebraska state of mind. Either way, we’re kind of a Nebraska Mafia. We take care of our own.

In 1992, Producer/Director Todd Nelson started the NCC with about thirty fellow Nebraskans to be both a network for entertainment professionals and a bridge between home and Hollywood. The idea was fostered by Todd’s frequent trips home. He often visited late UN-L theatre professor Dr. Bill Morgan, who connected him with former students who were pursuing careers in the arts. With support from the University of Nebraska Foundation, the first NCC cocktail event in Bel Air drew 200 people, and the Nebraska Coast Connection was up and running.
(photo) Producer Darryl Zanuck at work.Since then, they have hosted barbeques, play nights, Halloween parties, Christmas caroling and comedy nights. They’ve produced radio commercials, a few short films and two extensive websites.

But the centerpiece of the group since 1995 has been the regular monthly gatherings called The Hollywood Salon. Not to be confused with the place you get your hair done, the idea of an artist’s salon has a rich history. From ancient times, writers and painters and poets and politicians have met in salon settings to share their art and discuss events of the day. In Athens, Paris and New York, Salons were important ways for ideas to germinate, artists to be discovered and valuable relationships to blossom. The Hollywood Salon continues that tradition with a slant toward careers in showbiz.

(photo) Actor Crystal Carson with screenwriter Lew Hunter.More than 2,000 Nebraskans have found their way into the Coast Connection. About sixty of them attend each monthly salon. Writers, actors, directors, producers, musicians, execs, PAs and more than a few waiters take part. New comers and wanna-be’s are most welcome. It’s here, with the support of friendly folks from back home, where dream-sharing is encouraged. Over the years, hundreds of newly arrived Nebraskans have found jobs, apartments, friends, collaborators, even spouses through The Hollywood Salon. It’s a casual, after-work gathering place for a drink and a bite to eat. It’s a place to reunite with old friends and get to know new ones. It’s an exciting resource and networking opportunity. Special guests like Director Alexander Payne , Screenwriter Lew Hunter, Actress Harley Jane Kozak and other prominent Nebraskans in Hollywood often drop in to share their secrets of success.

Join us. Be a part of the proud tradition of people from the heart of the country who have made their mark in Hollywood.

We’re here to help you follow your dreams.

Join us at the next Hollywood Salon, [ncc_next_salon_date].

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