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The Nebraska Coast Connection Hollywood Salon is TONIGHT, Monday, October 8th…ATTENTION ACTORS, WRITERS & DIRECTORS:  Monday’s very special Hollywood Salon will be a chance for you to hone your craft, show off a little, and get some live feedback about your work. Our guest will be Acting Coach Crystal Carson, one of the top coaches in LA for almost 20 years, and creator of “The Actor’s Mind” visualization technique.  Crystal’s many clients in television, film and stage learn from her the secrets they need to be a masterful actor who books the job. Monday night, we’ll be devoting a big part of the Salon to a mini-workshop, where everybody can participate.  ACTORS:  Crystal will be offering coaching sessions at the Salon, focusing on cold-reading and audition technique that will get you the callback.  WRITERS:  We’ll be using material supplied by you.  Bring copies of one page of dialogue from one of your film or tv scripts (must have only two actors in the scene, please.)  DIRECTORS:  You’ll get to see all the actors in a cold-reading audition, plus a chance to see how they take your notes.  (Bring your own script pages for the actors to work, if you want.)  It’ll be a hands-on, real-world audition experience — among friends! — that you won’t want to miss.  Monday, October 8th at the Hollywood Salon at CBS-TV.  See you there!

CARSON SCHOOL OF THEATRE & FILM AT UNL Anyone attending the dedication events for the Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film at UNL next weekend (Oct 12-14)?  It will be the grand-reopening of the newly restored Temple Building, Howell Theatre and new black box theatre and film stages. NCC’s Todd Nelson will be going back to represent the Hollywood Nebraskans, and he wants to take your well-wishes to the Carson Family and other dignitaries.  How did that place affect YOUR life?  Have a great story about the Temple or Howell stage that you care to share?  We’ll be collecting your congrats messages and Temple remembrances at the Salon Monday night, or you can email them to Todd at  A full report on the dedication events, with photos of the new Temple, will be part of the NCC Salon in November.  Come to the Salon to meet friends. Old ones & new ones…to build your career…to find inspiration…to share your news and share your dreams…to have a taste of home.

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