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Monday, January 10, 2011
Hollywood Salon
The Nebraska Coast Connection hosts SALONFEST 2011
the Three Minute Festival starring…YOU!
Happy New Year!Monday, January 10th will be the first Nebraska Coast Connection Hollywood Salon of 2011, and this is the one where YOU get to show off…

It’s the return of SALONFEST, our ever-popular NCC mini-film festival! This is where we will show 3 minutes of anything you want to showcase. Up on the Big Screen.

Cue up your latest short, or your reel, or anything you helped to create on DVD, and we’ll show 3 minutes of it at the January Salon. You’ll get a minute to tell us about it, before or after. (Got something longer? Barter with others to share your time…)

It will be an eclectic and fast-paced evening…no telling what surprises we will be seeing. We’ll have the popcorn ready.

See you Monday, January 10th!

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