Jeff Patterson

If you come to our Salons, you know we have amazing guests.  Usually they bring their stories of success, their road maps of how they got from the Midwest to Hollywood.  This month’s Salon is going to be a bit different, because this road map for success will be YOURS…Our guest in August is Jeff Patterson. Jeff has made his mark in the Industry, as actor and host for ESPN, Nickelodeon, E! Entertainment as well as in commercials and films. Now his business is helping YOU achieve your dreams in Hollywood. Jeff has helped thousands of people on their journeys to growth and fulfillment, as actors, directors, musicians, you name it. For seven years, his work at the University of Santa Monica, at Agape Spiritual Center (where he is one of their regular teachers), and in his own company, Seed Coaching, has brought people in touch with their own hidden potential. At the August Hollywood Salon, Jeff will guide us all through a process to find our own paths to what we are here to become. It will be a very different format for the Salon, with interactive work that will put YOU and your goals front and center. Come prepared to become your own best support and to take your career to a whole new level.  Your future awaits. Are you ready to meet it head on? Your next Hollywood Salon is on Monday, August 13th!  Come to the Salon to meet friends. Old ones & new ones…to build your career…to find inspiration…to share your news and share your dreams…to have a taste of home.

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