Julie Lugo-Cerra, Salon Moves to Culver

Monday, September 8th, 2008

Did you hear…THE HOLLYWOOD SALON IS MOVING!   Our new Salon home will be at the historic CULVER HOTEL in Culver City!  Starting Monday, September 8th, DON’T go to CBS, but instead to downtown Culver City, “The Heart of Screenland.”  Did you know that the founder of Culver City was from Milford, Nebraska? Did you know it was Nebraskan Harry Culver who brought the movie studios there…birthplace of WIZARD OF OZ, GONE WITH THE WIND, CITIZEN KANE, and all the MGM musicals?  Harry Culver’s “skyscraper” hotel was the showplace of his new town when it opened in 1924, and it was the home of many stars, Clark Gable, Greta Garbo, Rudy Valentino, Ronald Reagan and Joan Crawford among them. Judy Garland and the Munchkins stayed here, too.  Across the street from the hotel is where King Kong roared and where Rhett kissed Scarlett. Where Orson Welles and DW Griffith and CB DeMille all were directing their masterpieces. Down the road is where Fred Astaire was dancing on the ceiling and Gene Kelly was singing in the rain. Lassie, Batman, Andy Griffith, and Lucy all hung out in the neighborhood, too.  Our Salons will be held in Harry Culver’s old office, rich with Hollywood legends, and likely haunted by Harry himself! The first Salon in our new home on September 8th will be a tribute to Harry Culver and his Nebraska-to- Hollywood heritage. Come see our beautiful new digs and hear all about Harry’s romance with a starlet, the secret tunnels to MGM, how John Wayne saved the hotel, and much more!  It will be a grand celebration on Monday, September 8th… as the Hollywood Salon moves to Culver City… and Nebraskan Harry Culver brings us all back to his Home Sweet Home.

NEWSFLASH…NEWSFLASH…NEWSFLASH…  We’ve just uncovered an extremely rare newsreel from the 1920s documenting the history of Nebraskan Harry Culver and his founding of the movie industry in Culver City.  This film has never been screened before – be the first to see it at the Hollywood Salon in our new Culver Hotel location tomorrow night!  (We’re meeting in Harry’s old office, so you never know if the ghost of Harry himself will make an appearance…)  Also joining us at the Salon tomorrow will be Culver City Historian Julie Lugo-Cerra, expert on Harry Culver and the movies made in Culver City.  She’s starting right at 8pm, so don’t be late – you won’t want to miss her presentation and Q&A about our new home and the Nebraskan who founded it all.  Don’t forget, we’ll be at The Culver Hotel tomorrow, starting at 7:30pm…all details on our website:  www.nebraskacoast.com

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