June Salon with UNL Dean of Journalism (and a chance to tell YOUR story in Nebraska publications!)

In addition to our esteemed Journalism guest this month, we will also be visited by the UNL Marketing Director, who wants to interview YOU for his article on the NCC. Yes, you could be featured in this fall’s magazines and websites! Please come and share your stories of your coast-connecting. All you have to do is show up at the Salon on Monday. See below for details…

Every so often the Salon welcomes visitors from the University of Nebraska to give us an update what’s happening at the schools back home. On June 12th, we will host Dean Maria Marron from the College of Journalism.

Come hear what great things are going on at UNL and in the world of Journalism.Dr. Maria Marron has headed the College of Journalism and Mass Communications at UNL since 2014. A native of Ireland, she worked as a journalist, editor and public relations professional in Ireland and the United States. She chaired the Journalism Dept at Central Michigan University as well as holding faculty positions at Ohio State, Texas State and Zayed University in Dubai before coming to Nebraska.

She edited Journalism & Mass Communication Educator, one of the premier journals in journalism and was president of the Association of Schools of Journalism and Mass Communication.

Since her appointment in the CoJMC, the college has made big progress including plans for a new major in sports media and communication; created a new digital and social media hub, an innovation/makers’ hub and a new student lounge; remodeled classrooms and revised curriculum.

The college also has won prestigious national awards such as the Grand Prize in the RF Kennedy Awards for Reporting on Social Justice, the Hearst Intercollegiate Journalism Awards, and the Society of Journalists Mark of Excellence Awards, among many others.

This will be Dean Marron’s first visit to a Salon – she wants to get to know us at the Hollywood Coast and help her students find their way into careers here. Let’s give her a great NCC welcome and show her what we are all about!

Also attending the June Salon will be Andrew Swenson, Director of Marketing & Communications at UNL. He’s doing a big article on the NCC for their fall publications, and he wants to interview YOU! Wouldn’t you (and your folks back home) like to see your quote and photo in print and online? All you have to do is show up at the Salon. Here’s Andrew’s pitch:

One of the most important considerations high school students have in evaluating colleges is how well they will be prepared for a great career. Students want to know how alumni have gone on to make it in their chosen fields. As you know, there’s so much more to learn about how the real world operates after you graduate, even if you’ve honed your creative and technical skills. The Nebraska Coast Connection shows our values of community, humility and hard work don’t end at the state line. You are helping Nebraskans make their dreams real. We want to share that story—your story—to inspire students and show them that living their passion is possible. The Nebraska Coast Connection story will be distributed to all prospective students (more than 100,000) and featured in a magazine and online.

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