Monday, March 9th, 2020 
Hollywood Salon: 
BLAISE HOSSAIN – Visual Effects Artist
Has an image ever told you an entire story, making you feel excited or thrilled because you just can’t wait to see it played out? You’re invited to next Monday’s Salon to meet the VFX artist responsible for creating those images for film and more!


Blaise Hossain is an award winning motion designer and visual effects artist based in Los Angeles who creates content for feature film, television, streaming and live event projects under his brand Saffron Ember. Originally coming from a small town in Connecticut, Blaise moved to Los Angeles over 20 years ago to study film production at the Univ. of Southern California. 

After graduating he began his career working as a motion designer at a number of trailer companies producing logo reveals and visual effects for trailers and tv spots on national and international campaigns for theatrical movie releases. At times he has art directed small teams of artists on a trailer campaign and independently creates original work for both live action and fully CG projects.

He also became specialized designing and animating User Interface (UI) for feature films including J.J. Abrams’ STAR TREK: INTO DARKNESS, the ROBOCOP reboot, and TIME FREAK.

In addition to working on studio films, Blaise visual effects supervised the indie Sci-Fi drama AFTER WE LEAVEcreating various UI sequences, animated matte paintings and other world building VFX for the film which won Best Film at Sci Fi London 2019. See the trailer and stream by following the link above! Currently, Blaise is freelancing at a number of motion design studios collaborating on a number of main title sequences and show opens for film and streaming content.

Come ask your questions and
learn from the incredibly talented artist, Blaise Hossain!

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