NCC Salon Monday 11/14: Alexander Payne’s Production Designer Stefania Cella

SPECIAL GUEST:  Stefania Cella, Production Designer for Alexander Payne’s new film DOWNSIZING

Director Alexander Payne is underway with a new film, now in post, called DOWNSIZING, starring Matt Damon, Christoph Waltz and Kristen Wiig. As we always do, the NCC will be hosting Alexander and some of his key collaborators on DOWNSIZING in the months to come. His Production Designer on this film is our guest at the Salon on Monday, November 14th. 

Designing sets on sound stages and bringing locations to life in major cities and random villages on every continent is the way Stefania Cella has spent the last 20 years. Born and raised in Milan Italy, educated in theater and art history, Stefania developed a design style highly influenced by the interplay of light, shadow and color.

Stefania has designed films with Nick Cassavetes (JOHN Q), Barry Levinson, (MAN OF THE YEAR & WHAT JUST HAPPENED?), Robert Duvall (ASSASSINATION TANGO) and Paolo Sorrentino (THIS MUST BE THE PLACE & THE GREAT BEAUTY). THE GREAT BEAUTY won the Oscar for Best Foreign Film and brought her the highest award in Italy as Best Designer 2014. Before DOWNSIZING, her latest movie was BLACK MASS, with Johnny Depp, directed by Scott Cooper.

Cella is a petite woman with a larger-than life personality, and as her website says, “She punctuates her point of view through a heavy-accent under wild hair, offering sharp wit, pointed humor and passionate commitment. This is an unrelenting pursuit of exquisitely authentic and balanced, sometimes delicate, often beautiful and always functional design.”

Come Monday night and meet the newest member of the Alexander Payne filmmaking team. It’s going to be an exciting evening.

Every month your Hollywood Salon brings you terrific guests who teach, inspire and motivate you to become the best YOU that you are here to become. All we need is you. Hope to see you on Monday, November 14th.

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