Monday, January 13, 2020
Hollywood Salon
Our Annual Three Minute Film Fest: SalonFest 2020!

Happy New Year from the NCC! A whole new decade is here and it’s time to show us what YOU got…

Returning once again is SALONFEST: THE THREE MINUTE FILM FESTIVAL, our ever-popular NCC mini-film festival! This is where we will show three minutes of anything you want to showcase – up on the Big Screen!

There’s a ton of talented folks in the NCC, and many of you have created some amazing work in the past year. This is our chance to see a bit of what you’ve been up to.

Cue up your latest short, reel, or anything you helped to create, and we’ll show three minutes of it at the January Salon. You’ll get a minute to tell us about it, before or after. (Got something longer? Barter with others to share your time…)  For format, we can screen from DVDs, thumbdrives or internet streams.

It will be an eclectic and fast-paced evening…no telling what surprises we will be seeing. Webisodes. New acting reels. Docs. Kickstarter promos. All kinds of YOUR latest masterpieces. Whatever you want to share with the group — this is your chance to show off.

If you know what you’ll be sharing, give us a heads up on our Facebook page — then we can update everyone here what to expect in the next email blast. Or just show up Monday and surprise us.

Come to share or come to see what your friends have been creating. It’s a great way to get to know all the talent in this group, develop collaborations, and to participate by showing us what you got in a safe and friendly environment. SalonFest is always one of the most fun Salons of the year.

HERE THEY ARE! Photos from the Holiday Salon can be found by following the links.  View and download until January 14th. Check them out, organized by photographer so can give em a shoutout! JD Mata – Shaun Cleeton – Tim Woodward

Happy New Year!
See you Monday, January 13th 2020!

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