Perry Garrett from NBC/Universal Studios

Monday, July 12th, 2004

Please join us MONDAY at the Hollywood Salon:

IMPORTANT NEWS!! Salons are now held in a new location at CBS-TV. Follow the new green signs to the CBS Cafe on the First Floor.

Our guest in July will be Perry Garrett from NBC/Universal Studios.  It’s a long way from the Midwest to heading part of a major studio, but Perry Garrett has made it look almost easy. Fresh out of Iowa, Perry began his Hollywood career as a tour guide at Universal Studios.  While honing his screenwriting skills, he moved into Universal’s Studio Operations, and now he heads the whole Production Services Department for NBC/Universal.

Perry has written his own screenplays, does story analysis for various production companies, and for the past four years has written, directed and produced several well-received short films for the 48 Hour Film Project and National Film Challenge.  From every angle, this is one guy who knows his way around making movies. Come and meet Perry at the next Salon, and maybe he’ll help you make YOUR next film.

You definitely won’t want to miss our next Salon…Monday!

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