Perry Garrett

Monday, July 9th –It’s Salon night at the Nebraska Coast Connection…have you checked out the NCC website yet?  Get on over to  It’s right there on your computer 24/7, in living color, chock-full of useful info. For instance, you’ll find the details on our guest for the Salon tonight: Filmmaker Perry Garrett. Whether you are a writer and want to hear his secrets of successful pitching, or an actor/crew member who wants to learn how he makes movies in a weekend — Perry is your guy.  Also on the website, we have all new BILLBOARDS, including the latest on two big BBQs coming up July 28th, and festival news about some of our talented filmmakers, Laurie Richards and Holly Lewis among them. The next Nebraska Coast Connection Hollywood Salon is TONIGHT: Monday, July 9th at CBS-TV. Hope to see you there!  Come to the Salon to meet friends. Old ones & new ones…to build your career…to find inspiration…to share your news and share your dreams…to have a taste of home.

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