Richard Yannich

Monday, March 10th is the next Hollywood Salon…We’re going to throw open the executive offices and give you a chance to meet a bigwig studio “suit.” Our special guest will be one of the top executives at CBS/Paramount, Richard Yannich.  Do you watch CSI, Survivor, Medium and NCIS? So do millions of people in Australia, Canada, Europe and the rest of the world, thanks to the man who is our guest tonight. Richard heads a team that sells and distributes top CBS/Paramount television shows internationally.  He’s the Senior Vice President for CBS TV Distribution International Operations, and he’ll be at the March Salon to share with you the ins and outs of making it as a Hollywood executive. He has a long history of working in features and television at the studios and for major networks. He’s also a family man who knows how to juggle the demands of a high-pressure career with quality life. And his staff says he’s one of the funnest bosses anybody could have.  Don’t miss the chance to meet Richard and get a leg up on your executive ladder. See you TONIGHT!  Full details & RSVP info on our website:  The Hollywood Salon at CBS-TV Where Glamorous Nebraska Meets Down-Home Hollywood.

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