Salon Monday: Dialect Coach Judi Dickerson

Special Guest: Judi Dickerson, Dialect Coach for films including GLADIATOR, A BEAUTIFUL MIND, AMERICAN GANGSTER, JURASSIC WORLD, SAVING MR BANKS and many more

You’re Russell Crowe and you need to sound American. You’re Natalie Portman or Jennifer Lawrence or Colin Farrell and you need to add a dialect for your next big film. Who you gonna call? Our October Salon guest, of course…

Judi Dickerson has more IMDB credits than any Salon guest we’ve ever had. She’s one of the top Dialect Coaches working in Hollywood today, and she’s been on the sets of hundreds of films, tv shows and stage productions, helping her clients sound authentic and get their voice and dialect just right.

She’s worked repeatedly with Russell Crowe, Colin Farrell, Gary Oldman on films like GLADIATOR, SAVING MR BANKS, TOTAL RECALL, 3:10 to YUMA, A BEAUTIFUL MIND, and NOBODY’S BABY. She has coached Jennifer Lawrence, Christian Bale, Ewan McGregor, Hilary Swank and Olivia Wilde, among many many others, honing their dialects for AMERICAN GANGSTER, JURASSIC WORLD, AMERICAN HUSTLE, CINDERELLA MAN, THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS, and on and on…


A teacher of the Skinner Method, her dialect work for stage has included THE KENTUCKY CYCLE on Broadway, and her television work has spanned from JOURNEYMAN to EMPIRE FALLS. Originally from San Bernadino with an MFA from SMU, Judi taught Voice and Speech at the University of Nebraska in the mid-1980s. (Perhaps she taught you there or acted on stage with you at The Temple Building?  She’d love to see her former students and colleagues from UNL, or meet you if you came through the Theatre Dept in the years after her time there).

Judi has had her share of acting and directing gigs herself also, starting with her well-known role as the Checkout Girl in TERMS OF ENDEARMENT which was shot in Nebraska in 1983. 

Actors, don’t miss this opportunity to learn the secrets of making your voice all it can be for you. Directors & Producers, you will definitely want Judi in your contact list for the next time the script calls for a dialect. She is an amazing coach and this Salon is going to be a great one.

Come see Judi at the October Salon on Monday, October 12th at the Culver.

Salons are a great way to network, catch up with old friends and new ones, and have a taste of home in Hollywood.

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