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April 5th, 2019
April 8 Salon with Film Editors Josie Azzam & Evan Schrodek

April 8 Salon with Film Editors Josie Azzam & Evan Schrodek

Our next Salon guests have been making quite the name for themselves in edit bays around Hollywood, one after getting her start editing while still in Nebraska, the other in Santa Barbara. They are the first husband/wife editing duo we’ve ever Read More…

March 8th, 2019

Mar 11 Salon with Crystal Carson, Acting Coach to the Stars

Be Prepared. There’s so much luck that goes into landing any acting gig. But our Salon guest Monday will help you be as prepared as you possibly can be, and maybe a little bit more.Crystal Carson has been one of the top Read More…

February 7th, 2019

Feb 11 Salon with Digital Media Producer Ryan Copple

It’s a bold new world for media geeks: video games, streaming, podcasts, subscription programming, immersive alternate reality gaming, webseries, interactive content. It ain’t a boring three channel world anymore. And our next Salon guest is on the front lines of the future Read More…

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Perry-GarrettThis area of the site is a tribute to our dear friend, Perry Garrett. One of the longtime supporters of the NCC, Perry Garrett, died on January 17th, 2008, after a valiant fight with cancer. Perry was a writer and director who always was there to help. Whether it was making his weekend short films, or pitching & analyzing scripts, or at his jobs with Universal Studios, he was one of the sweetest and most encouraging guys Hollywood has ever known. He was a regular and popular guest at the Salons, and and inspiration to all of us. (His last visit to a Salon in July 2007 was videotaped and will be the first entry in our Salon video archives).

May 13, 2019

THE CULVER HOTEL is in the center of downtown Culver City, right where Washington crosses Culver, at 9400 Culver Blvd. Free parking on the street or free 2-hours in city structures nearby.

culver-longtable$10 donation gets you in with a drink and a raffle ticket for fabulous Husker prizes.

Harry Culver Circle

Harry Hazel Culver was born in Milford, NE in 1880. After attending UNL, he moved to California in 1910 to make his mark as a real estate developer and promoter.  In 1917 Harry founded Culver City. He attracted such studios as Thomas Ince’s Triangle Motion Picture Company (now Sony Studios), the Thomas H. Ince Studio (now the Culver Studio) and Hal Roach studios.

In 1924 Harry had the Culver Hotel built and located his offices on the second floor. Clark Gable, Greta Garbo, Joan Crawford, Red Skelton, Buster Keaton, Ronald Reagan and other well-known stars maintained part time residences within the classic walls of the Culver. When MGM began filming The Wizard of Oz nearly all of the one hundred and twenty four “little people” spent four weeks at the hotel. Legend had it that a secret underground tunnel WIZARD_OF_OZ_The-Wizard-of-Oz-Posterswas built to usher the munchkins to their set at the Culver Studio, as well as to ferry alcohol and women during the Prohibition Era.

The Culver Hotel was restored to its original glory in the 1990s, with a renovation of the rooms that included individual baths and antique furnishings. The lobby and bar were retrofitted in early-1900s style moldings and dark woods.

The NCC starting hosting The Hollywood Salon in Harry’s old office in 2008.