NCC Salon with STUNTS! + AFM Report

Special Guests: Stunt People Sherry Leigh, Tim Mikulecky, Steve SchriverIt’s going to be an action-packed Salon on Monday. For the first time at any Salon, we’re going to focus on professional Stuntpeople, so call this the wild and crazy “Stunt Salon.”In addition, we’ll have a report fresh from the American Film Market on how you can get your film sold and distributed around the globe.

Stunt People are a special breed. They daily risk life and limb to perform death-defying feats, on camera, for your entertainment. No action movie (and for that matter, almost any movie) could be made without their heroic deeds. Their stunts can make the unbelievable look real, and yet in their best work they will be completely invisible. At Monday’s Salon, you’ll meet three of the top stunt people working today:

SHERRY LEIGH is a Omaha, Nebraska native who honed her stunts at Universal Studios before going on to 24, THE KINGDOM, PINK PANTHER, POSEIDON and BREAKING BAD.

TIM MIKULECKY started out in Wisconsin as a water skier, before performing at Sea World and Universal Studios.  His stunt credits include DARK KNIGHT RISES, GI JOE, DUE DATE, TRUE BLOOD and WATER FOR ELEPHANTS.

STEVE SCHRIVER has SAG nominations for his stunts on DARK KNIGHT RISES, HEROES, TRANSFORMERS, as well as work on HANGOVER II, CSI, and NOAH.

Whether you are a producer in need of stunts, or an actor who will need a double, or a director who wants to know how to works with stunt performers, or want to get into stunt work, or just love watching stunts in the movies, at the November Salon you will get the inside scoop on stunts.  We’ll get the secrets of the stunts, from how they are done to just who are the crazy talented people who do them.

ALSO on Monday….our first-ever AFM REPORT!   

KEVIN MCMAHON is the VP of sales and acquisitions for California Pictures at Paramount Studios, and he will be giving us the run-down on the latest American Film Market.  Kevin will have an insiders report on what the international and domestic buyers are looking for and just how YOU can make your film (and trailer, artwork, poster, script) sellable, marketable and in demand.  Learn from Kevin how to make AFM work for your film, new contacts and your career.

It’s going to be a big, action-packed Salon.  Don’t miss it!



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