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Hey Nebraska Coast Connection I would love to see all of you at my show EVEN IF IT’S WRONG at the Hollywood Fringe Festival that takes place in Nebraska…you’ll recognize it. I also want to offer you $8 tickets for the June 4 Preview by entering code “preview“. For all other shows if you use the code “Cornhusker” you get a $10 ticket instead of a $15 dollar ticket. You can save that 5 bucks to buy me a beer afterwards at Fringe Central which is just half a block away from the theatre. For show times, dates and more info go to

NCC member and Fremont, NE native, Kevin McMahon is gearing up to direct and produce a feature film based on a famous viral story in Nebraska.  More than 20 years ago a story started to circulate the internet about a man who wanted a divorce from his wife so he could run off with his mistress.  He offered her everything but she countered by saying that if he stayed home for a month and carried her to the door every day she’d let him go and not take a dime.  He agreed but after 30 days of carrying his wife he reestablished a connection with her and realized that he was still in love with her.  Throughout the years anonymous people have added little bits and pieces to the story and in the latest version the wife ends up dying of cancer after the husband decides he wants to stay with her.

McMahon knew from the moment he read the story in 2012 that he wanted to make a film out of it. Since then he has written a multilayered 100 page script entitled “Last Goodbye” and has had interest from several “A” list actors to be a part of the film.  Now Kevin is in Nebraska and has teamed up with three other Nebraskans who have also just returned to the state from years in Hollywood.  Together they have decided to film “Last Goodbye” in Nebraska and have the film’s production headquartered in Fremont to take advantage of the new 25% incentive that now exists in that community.  Their plan is to film the entire film in Fremont, Omaha and near by areas while casting at least three “A” list actors for the starring roles.

On March 16th McMahon and partners will launch a Kickstarter campaign to try and reach their $850,000 production budget goal.  They would love the support of the NCC community in helping to get the word out and virally spreading awareness of this project.  If we reach enough people before the campaign with the help of our friends, we are confident that we can raise the money to get this film made.

twitter:  @lastgoodbyefilm

 You now have extra time to register for this exclusive class.

Mari Weiss, actress, lived in Lincoln, NE.

Mari Weiss

One Day Voice Over Intensive

Brought to you by: Mari Weiss

Saturday, October 18  10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

This one day workshop puts you in the studio, on the mic, with a working professional who can get you started on your VO career. The small class size means lots of mic time and one on one attention, helping you find your strengths, your range, YOUR voice.

The cost for the day(lunch included) is: $195 but for NCC folk: only $160

Class size is small so secure a spot now.

A $100 deposit required by October 11th.

To sign up or for more information, Email Mari at:

Mari is a Nebraska Alum and has worked in Voice-Over for over 23 years, as an actor, producer and teacher. For more info on Mari go to:

“Mari was born to teach this stuff. You will not find a more caring, more helpful and more nurturing teacher out there. Hands down my favorite VO expert. The best investment I’ve ever made in a class. There is no aspect of the business she can’t help you with.” – Steve Lewis, Actor and Nebraskan


Lew Hunter's Screenwriting Colonies

Lew Hunter’s Superior Summer Screenwriting Colony 2010

Dates: June 19-July 2

You’re a movie buff and a writer.  You not only mimic memorable characters and quote your favorite lines, but you have seen enough films to know what really works and what doesn’t.  In fact, you’re itching to get to the keyboard to write your own material.

You can see yourself as a screenwriter.  You have the passion; you have the ability.

Destination: Hollywood.  Route to get there: Great writing, strong characters, and a story that lingers and resonates with the reader and audience long after they experienced your narrative.

The hardest part is often just realizing that you need to get on your way.  You need to start writing.

Enter Lew Hunter and his Superior Summer Screenwriting Colony held this upcoming June 19-July 2, 2010. The atmosphere is nurturing, the participants are writing professionals and enthusiasts just like you, and the instruction – well, if you need support, wisdom, and insight on how to take your writing to the next level – then, Lew Hunter is your mentor and you just landed in the right hands!

learn more >>

The Superior Summer Screenwriting Colony is designed to provide you with a productive, cocoon environment for your writing where you will be encouraged to progress from story idea, to treatment, to step-outline and finally to complete the First Act of the Screenplay (30 pages).

Lew will facilitate the best writing by creating an atmosphere of constructive feedback for all participants.

There are no shortcuts to the actual writing process, but Lew is one of the few mentors who will not only point you into the right direction, he will also give you the right tools, and he will be there long after you have headed out.  This is a journey of commitment and relationships.  Pick Lew and you start on strong ground.

The Superior Summer Screenwriting Colony fills rapidly and it is strongly suggested that you submit an application at your earliest opportunity to ensure acceptance and availability.

All skill levels of writing experience are encouraged to apply and to participate. We can easily accommodate the most basic beginner to the most experienced professional. All writers will be respected, honored and supported through the writing process.

This is the complete immersion writing experience that will take your screenwriting and dreams to the next level.

Destination: Hollywood.  Starting point: the Superior Screenwriting Colony. Sign up today.

Screenwriting Colony
Transform Your Dreams and Stories into a Tangible Writing Form
Enroll Now
Hollywood Sign
Lew Hunter
The Colonies Testimonials About
Superior, NE
Lew Hunter 340 East 7th Street, Superior, Nebraska 68978

Alexander Payne to Exec Produce Kickstarter Short ‘Run Fast’

Alexander Payne The Judges Will

Michel Dufour/French Select

Prolific writer-director will sit down for lunch as prize for potential backers

On the heels of his seventh Golden Globes nomination, this time around for directing Paramount’s “Nebraska,” Alexander Payne has signed on to exec produce writer-director Anna Musso’s short film “Run Fast.”

Musso, the long-time assistant to Payne at his production shingle Ad Hominem, launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the project, with a goal of $12,000. Payne has agreed to have lunch as a perk for donors of $5,000 or more. Other backers receive prizes ranging from a credit on the film to a signed DVD of one of Payne’s feature films.

“Run Fast” — the follow-up to Musso’s 2011 award-winning short “L Train,” for which Payne was also an exec producer — tells the story of a Kenyan runner who travels to Los Angeles to compete in her first professional marathon.

Adam Wagner and Peter Sestina are producing the film.

“Anna Musso displayed such control, elegance and compassion with ‘L Train’ that I am chomping at the bit to see her next film,” Payne said.  “‘Run Fast’ will be another original and exquisite piece of short cinema — and another step in Anna’s path to a career in features.”

“Run Fast” is slated to begin lensing in March in L.A. Musso is repped by Peter Dealbert at Principato-Young.

Holiday Party: Dec 9, 2013

Save the Date: DECEMBER 9th! That’s our annual NCC Salon Holiday Bash. And it’s going to be the best party ever. Live Music and…special surprise guests…Santa…great food & drinks…awesome raffle prizes. 8pm in the mezzanine at the Culver Hotel. See you there!

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