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Upcoming Salon

Monday, October 9th
at 8:00pm PT

The Aster, Hollywood 


Special Guests

Carson Center EMA

We took the Salon to Lincoln in May…now Lincoln comes to Hollywood! UNL’s Carson Center EMA students are innovative dreamers wanting to share their latest works with YOU. At October’s Salon, you’ll connect with creators embarking on their path with brand new storytelling ideas supported by cutting edge training & tech.

As a seasoned artist in LA & beyond, your knowledge is priceless to those starting out. We invite you to come, connect, & meet the new UNL folks at a unique location: the swanky private club in the Heart of Hollywood, The Aster.

Most Recent Past Salon

Monday, September 11th

Priscilla’s Cafe, Burbank


Adam Jefferis

Calling all creatives! Hailing from two Midwest states, our upcoming guest has called LA home since he moved here two decades ago. Not only has he been successful in television and film, he has also written, directed, and acted for the stage in LA and around the world!


Salons are on the 2nd Monday of every month.

Check out some of our old salons in our archives!




Hollywood Nebraskans

Nebraska. Hollywood. The two places couldn’t be more different. But there’s no doubt that Hollywood just wouldn’t be the Hollywood we know today without the accomplishments of Nebraskans who made their mark here. What will be your contribution? How will you make your mark in entertainment? Welcome home, future Hollywood Nebraskan.



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