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Monday, Aug 12th – 8PM

Priscilla’s Cafe, Burbank


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Most Recent Past Salon

Monday, July 8th

Priscilla’s Cafe, Burbank

VP of Strategic Communications

Andrew Stewart

Dynamic. Ever-evolving. Hollywood is driven by the power of storytelling and the ability to captivate audiences around the world. July’s special guest is an exceptionally talented public relations professional who you want on your team to shape the success of any entertainment venture. Working with some of the biggest blockbuster names in film, television, & digital productions, our guest now leads the Los Angeles division of strategic communications of a national, multi-city public relations firm. Join the Hollywood Salon to hear how this master communicator navigates the world of Hollywood with finesse and innovation. Learn about making YOUR mark on the industry, in person (or online), Monday, July 8th!


Salons are on the 2nd Monday of every month.

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Hollywood Nebraskans

Nebraska. Hollywood. The two places couldn’t be more different. But there’s no doubt that Hollywood just wouldn’t be the Hollywood we know today without the accomplishments of Nebraskans who made their mark here. What will be your contribution? How will you make your mark in entertainment? Welcome home, future Hollywood Nebraskan.



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