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Last Chance…the Party is Monday!


, are you coming to the party Monday night?

NCC Hollywood Salon - Holiday Party 2010

A certain famous Nebraska filmmaker (and old friend of the NCC)
will be donning the Santa suit this year…can you guess who it will b

NEWSFLASH!!!  Filmmaker Nik Fackler will be our Special Guest!
Nik just was nominated for an Independent Spirit award for his first feature, LOVELY STILL, starring Ellen Burstyn and Martin Landau.  Don’t miss this chance to meet Nik and hear about his experiences making his critically-acclaimed and star-studded film in his hometown of Omaha.

Last chance for early ticket prices now (prices go up on Monday) — sign up here or from the website.
We’d love to tell the hotel chef that you are coming, but we welcome you to show up if you need to be last minute.  You won’t be turned away at the door!

It’s the annual 
Nebraska Coast Connection
Holiday Party!

The Culver is preparing great appetizers and drinks for us.  We’ll be in their completely remodeled new Mezzanine Lounge.

Our musical guests will be Tracy Newman and the Reinforcements (Tracy is the sister of Lorraine Newman of SNL fame).

The elves have been gathering the best raffle prizes of the year, and you’ll have a chance to stuff your stockings, too, with silent auction items.
We all know there is no place like Nebraska, and there is no party like the Nebraska Coast Connection Holiday Party.

Tickets on sale now…click on Attend Event button below…
or go to

It’s holiday time at your Home Sweet Home in Hollywood… Are you down for it?

October 2010 Hollywood Salon Announcement – old

If you are looking for a job in Hollywood, or think you might ever be looking for a career at a major studio, then it just might be a very valuable thing for you to know the VP of Human Resources at Paramount Pictures.

By marvelous coincidence, guess who will be the guest at the Nebraska Coast Salon on Monday, October 11th?

Jim White is not only the Vice President of Human Resources at Paramount Pictures and former exec with Blockbuster and Universal Music, but an inspiring author and entrepreneur.

He’ll be bringing his new book, THE WORLD IS A SAFE PLACE. Should be an interesting evening for the Nebraska Coast Connection, don’t you think?

Jim’s bio, links to his book site, plus Salon details & directions and much more can be found on our website:

Don’t miss this chance to meet Jim at the next Salon: Monday, October 11th at the Culver Hotel in Culver City. It promises to be an inspiring Salon!

Hollywood Salon Guest Jim White (Oct 2010)

Paramount vice-president Jim White spoke at the Nebraska Coast Connection sponsored Hollywood Salon on October 11, 2010 at the Culver Hotel, Culver City, CA.


V.P. of Human Resources at Paramount Pictures Jim White – old

Monday, October 11, 2010

The Hollywood Salon on October 11th welcomes Jim White, not only the VP of Human Resources at Paramount Pictures, but an inspiring author and entrepreneur…

Jim White grew up in Carter Lake, Iowa, just across the way from Omaha. His career path took him to live & work in 22 countries, and companies like Blockbuster and Universal Music Group before his current position as Vice President of Human Resources at Paramount Studios.
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Author/Actor Harley Jane Kozak

Monday, September 13th, 2010

Our Salon guest tonight is not only one of the best mystery writers around, but she also was the on-screen wife of Rick Moranis, sister of Steve Martin, and ex-wife of Billy Crystal.

Before she re-invented herself as an author, and won a slew of Best Mystery Awards, she starred in some big classic movies for Directors Ron Howard, Rob Reiner, Frank Marshall and Producer Steven Spielberg.
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Feature Film Director Michael Hofacre

Monday, August 9, 2010

How often do you have the chance to meet someone on the filmmaking team of such directors as Milos Forman, Michael Mann, Danny DeVito and Jodie Foster?

At tonight’s Hollywood Salon, you can.

Did you know there was a Nebraskan on the editing staff for THE FORTY YEAR OLD VIRGIN, TALLADEGA NIGHTS, STEP BROTHERS, and THE BEAVER (the new film directed by Jodie Foster, starring Mel Gibson)?

You will meet him at tonight’s Salon also. Along with a talented theatre director, a Shakespearean trained actor and very nice guy from Omaha.  (OK, he’s the same guy).

The August Hollywood Salon will introduce you to feature editor Michael Hofacre.  See for details on Mike’s long-overdue return to the Salon tonight.

And for those of you who were wondering when we’d see Holly & Raider back at a Salon…tonight’s the night!  This Nebraska couple is one of our sweetheart stories — they married after meeting at a Salon.  And they’re about to move back to Nebraska together, so come help us give them a proper NCC send-off tonight!

Jim Crotty’s Documentary Preview

Monday, July 7, 2010

July’s Salon will give you a sneak peek at a documentary in progress…and your feedback is needed! Come help shape the making of an exciting new project…

Jim Crotty is an acclaimed writer and media entrepreneur, who NCCers will know from his work with Monk Media ( He is well-underway with a new career as documentary filmmaker, and he is coming to the Salon in July to share his latest work with the NCC.
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Alexander Payne

Monday, June 14, 2010

Alexander Payne is not only an Academy Award-winning Screenwriter, Director and Producer, he is also a Nebraskan, who’s made many of his movies back home.  And, no surprise, one of our most popular Salon guests.

Before he won the Oscar for Sideways, before About Schmidt and Election and Citizen Ruth…there was THE PASSION OF MARTIN.  The story of a photographer who falls in love with one of his subjects, this 50-minute dark comedy was Alexander’s UCLA film thesis.  It became a Sundance Film Festival selection and the film that put him on track to becoming one of Hollywood’s major players.

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Panel of Indie Producers

Monday, May 10th, 2010

The Nebraska Coast Connection is hosting a panel on “GETTING YOUR INDIE UP.” Come and hear from three people who are making independent films for a living. It’s a primer on how to make an indie film today, inside and outside the Hollywood system.

We have lined up two feature producers and an entertainment attorney…all of whom with feature films under their belts and others underway now. These folks know the ins and outs of making movies. And TONIGHT, they will share their secrets of success with all of us.

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Producer John Lynch

Monday, March 8th, 2010

At the March Salon, come meet one of Hollywood’s top producers. John Lynch has worked on hundreds of television and film projects, most as producer or executive producer. His projects have included narrative, documentaries, soaps, variety, music videos and reality, and have aired on CBS, TBS, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, and MTV.

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