Alexander Payne

Monday, June 14, 2010

Alexander Payne is not only an Academy Award-winning Screenwriter, Director and Producer, he is also a Nebraskan, who’s made many of his movies back home.  And, no surprise, one of our most popular Salon guests.

Before he won the Oscar for Sideways, before About Schmidt and Election and Citizen Ruth…there was THE PASSION OF MARTIN.  The story of a photographer who falls in love with one of his subjects, this 50-minute dark comedy was Alexander’s UCLA film thesis.  It became a Sundance Film Festival selection and the film that put him on track to becoming one of Hollywood’s major players.

Alexander says of this film, “While I was making The Passion of Martin at UCLA Film School, I was very aware that it would be probably the only time in my life I would be completely free as a filmmaker and have no imposed guidelines of any sort. A couple of my closest friends still prefer Martin to my feature films so far because, despite its primitiveness or perhaps because of it, they feel I am more naked here.”

At the June 14th Salon, we have the chance to screen this rarely-seen film, with Alexander himself in attendance.  He’ll be taking your questions and giving you insight into how he got from his first big short to the big leagues in Hollywood.

Don’t miss this chance to meet and mingle with one of today’s top filmmakers.

For this Salon, we’re renting an expensive digital theatre, plus two much larger spaces at the Culver Hotel, and with the large attendance expected, your advance RSVP is mandatory so we can have an accurate headcount.  PLEASE PAY FOR YOUR TICKETS IN ADVANCE using our PayPal button at  Two ways to join us (two donation levels: $20 or $100), and one great screening and Q&A that will never happen again.

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See you at the biggest NCC event of the year…The Alexander Payne Salon is next Monday, June 14th.