at tonight’s NCC Salon: filmmakers with a summer sneak

Monday, August 8th, 2011
Hollywood Salon
It’s a Summer Salon Sneak Spectacular!A brand new indie film is just coming together, and the entire creative team will be at the Salon to give you a sneak peek.

On August 8th, come meet the cast & crew of the new horror film, CANYON ROAD…

A brainchild of the NCC’s Ivan Lovegren, CANYON ROAD is emerging as one of the hot new movies to watch out for next year. In this original film starring Roxanne Jaeckel and Ivan Lovegren, a young couple trapped in a failing marriage is unexpectedly buried under a mudslide on Malibu Canyon Road. Air running out. Roof collapsing. Water rising. Rescue uncertain. Can they survive?

The film was written/directed by Calix Lewis Reneau & Jennifer Still and produced by Sheri Reeves.

And all of the cast, directors and producers will be on hand at the next Hollywood Salon to tell us about the making of the film, their efforts to market it and find a distributor, as well as their recent promotion at ComicCon last month.

Hope to see you on Monday, August 8th!

Salons are a great way to network, catch up with old friends and new ones, and have a taste of home in Hollywood.

Nebraska Coast Connection presents The Hollywood Salon at The Culver Hotel in Culver City… …Where Glamorous Nebraska Meets Down-Home Hollywood.