Help: How to automatically print the next salon date.

The NCC website contains special code that will automatically calculate and print out the date of the next salon. For example, you can write a post with the sentence, “Join us at the next Hollywood Salon, [ncc_next_salon_date]!” and the date will always be current and correct, without the need to ever update your post.

How to do this:

  1. In your post, where you wish the date to appear, type:

Requires: [ncc_echo_code]NCC Shortcodes[/ncc_echo_code] plugin.

Important: If you want to refer to a specific salon date, say Monday, December 13, 2010, then do not use this code. Type out the specific date instead. Using this code always updates each month to show the next salon date.

Notes: If the date does not appear, go to the plugin section of the Admin Page and check that the [ncc_echo_code]NCC Shortcodes[/ncc_echo_code] plugin is installed and active. If the words “the second Monday of every month” appear instead of the date, this indicates an error occurred inside the plugin. In that case, contact the site developer or webmaster with a detailed explanation of the error.

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