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Community. Networking. Inspiration.

That’s what we’re about in the Nebraska Coast Connection. A bridge to each other in all areas of The Biz, and a link to those back home. An alliance of dreamers making their dreams come true.

We are your Home Sweet Home in Hollywood. We have been called the Nebraska Mafia, because we take care of our own.

Who are we? We’re pioneers. We’re the ones drawn to the bright lights of Hollywood from places in the heart of the country where most people talk more about the weather than about key grips and gross point multi-picture deals. We’re Hollywood professionals—actors, filmmakers, writers, technicians, artists—people who have something to do with the making of entertainment and communication and art. Or people who wannabe people like that. Or people who want to hang out with people like that.

A lot of us grew up there or went to school there, but no, to join us you don’t have to be from Nebraska. Our ties come less from a geographic boundary than a Nebraska State of Mind: good-hearted, straight-forward, humble hard-working folks who understand that although sometimes you have to walk through the bullshit, you don’t have to be the back end of the cow.

People connecting and working and dreaming together. Pioneering a new way–a Nebraska style–of making Hollywood a little more neighborly. A little more kind. A little more like home. Thanks to you all, we’re well on our way.

Since 1995 we have hosted a monthly gathering called The Hollywood Salon. The Salon has moved locations over the years, and during the worst of the pandemic we moved online, but in all that time we’ve never missed month. Come see it for yourself in person or on Zoom. We’re usually on the Second Monday of every month.

The Salon is what we do best: connect people who should know each other. What you do with those connections is entirely up to you. But we’ll give you the opportunity to be part of a great network of people, help out where you can or get help where you need it. And along the way, we’ll give you some of the inspiration you need to keep it going, by introducing you to the people who have found success and hearing their stories.

See you at the Salon,

Todd Nelson
Founder, Nebraska Coast Connection

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