‘Immediate impact on our economy’: Nebraska bill would give tax credit to movies, shows made in state | KETV Omaha

bill would give tax credit to movies, shows shot in nebraska© Provided by KETV Omaha

Lawmakers want to see Nebraska back on the big screen.

The Cast and Crew Bill gives tax breaks to movies and shows that are shot here.

UNL grad turned Hollywood location scout, Travis Beck, says his industry can inject millions into an economy.

“Montana, one season filming ‘Yellowstone,’ $70 million went into the state. That’s just one show for one season, imagine if we had five shows for multiple seasons,” Beck said.

Oklahoma passed a similar law and is now asking Nebraska film students to move there!

“In 2021, Oklahoma created a tax incentive, less than a year after, Martin Scorsese shot ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’ which is now nominated for multiple academy awards,” Wayne State Film Program Director Michael White said.

Before money ever gets spent filling the theater, even the Douglas County Sheriff recognizes the thousands of jobs just one movie can create.

“Electricians, carpenters, teamsters, and what does that mean? That means jobs,” Sheriff Aaron Hanson said.

He says, good jobs end the cycle of poverty and create safe communities.

Nebraska filmmaker Kirk Zeller says bringing production to any corner of the state can change things overnight.

“Hotels are full, restaurants are full, it could have a very, very immediate impact on our economy,” Zeller said.

There were 56 letters of support for the bill and one letter in opposition. No action was taken in the revenue committee on Wednesday.



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