NCC member and Fremont, NE native, Kevin McMahon is gearing up to direct and produce a feature film based on a famous viral story in Nebraska.  More than 20 years ago a story started to circulate the internet about a man who wanted a divorce from his wife so he could run off with his mistress.  He offered her everything but she countered by saying that if he stayed home for a month and carried her to the door every day she’d let him go and not take a dime.  He agreed but after 30 days of carrying his wife he reestablished a connection with her and realized that he was still in love with her.  Throughout the years anonymous people have added little bits and pieces to the story and in the latest version the wife ends up dying of cancer after the husband decides he wants to stay with her.

McMahon knew from the moment he read the story in 2012 that he wanted to make a film out of it. Since then he has written a multilayered 100 page script entitled “Last Goodbye” and has had interest from several “A” list actors to be a part of the film.  Now Kevin is in Nebraska and has teamed up with three other Nebraskans who have also just returned to the state from years in Hollywood.  Together they have decided to film “Last Goodbye” in Nebraska and have the film’s production headquartered in Fremont to take advantage of the new 25% incentive that now exists in that community.  Their plan is to film the entire film in Fremont, Omaha and near by areas while casting at least three “A” list actors for the starring roles.

On March 16th McMahon and partners will launch a Kickstarter campaign to try and reach their $850,000 production budget goal.  They would love the support of the NCC community in helping to get the word out and virally spreading awareness of this project.  If we reach enough people before the campaign with the help of our friends, we are confident that we can raise the money to get this film made.

twitter:  @lastgoodbyefilm