In almost 25 years of Salons, we’ve never missed a monthly gathering – and now in the global pandemic we need our group more than ever. Join us for the First Ever Virtual Hollywood Salon! – Todd
Monday, April 13th, 2020 
Hollywood Salon: 
Special Guest: NATE JOHNSON, Leadership and Mindset Coach
While embracing social distancing, we want to check in with you – hear how you are doing and what you need. Our guest is an NCCer and expert who will empower us through this crazy time. RSVP below for this month’s FREE Salon!

Nate Johnson is a coach, writer, speaker, and actor from Nebraska. As a professional he has guided his peers as a business development manager at Inc. Magazine, as the founder of a digital marketing company, and as a coach and counselor. 

Nate has also combined travel with leading others. While living in New Zealand he became a whitewater rafting guide, and a cattle rancher in the Australian Outback. Having survived a boating accident in the Philippines, started several businesses, and confronted stage fright to take improv classes, he is no stranger to the emotional highs and lows of pushing yourself to experience your fullest potential. Nate has a lovingly no BS approach to helping his clients wake up to what’s really possible in their lives and then making that a reality.
To attend, please email We will send you the link to register. This month’s Salon is FREE, but we need your RSVP to get you the info and to be sure we have the right-sized Zoom room!

Give us an update on YOU and check in with your NCC Family.
We’re all in this together, so let’s help each other make the best of it!