Panel of Indie Producers

Monday, May 10th, 2010

The Nebraska Coast Connection is hosting a panel on “GETTING YOUR INDIE UP.” Come and hear from three people who are making independent films for a living. It’s a primer on how to make an indie film today, inside and outside the Hollywood system.

We have lined up two feature producers and an entertainment attorney…all of whom with feature films under their belts and others underway now. These folks know the ins and outs of making movies. And TONIGHT, they will share their secrets of success with all of us.

Our panel includes: Producer Tim Schukar of Disney, Producer Katherine Starr of Starrlight Productions, and Marisa Sommerville, an entertainment attorney formerly with Summit Entertainment.

Come with your questions and be prepared to be inspired. After this Salon, you won’t have any excuses for making YOUR next feature!

See you in Culver City tonight: Monday, May 10th!