Monday, March 8th, 2021
Hollywood Salon…on Zoom! 
Special Guest: Geoffrey Lower – Actor

It has been 30 years since this month’s guest and our founder Todd Nelson appeared together in “The Diviners”, a play at UNL’s Johnny Carson School, directed by Judi Dickerson. Our guest went on to appear in many more plays on a variety of stages.

You’re invited to join us next Monday as we catch up with him on Zoom! Stop by and hear how his time at UNL shaped his career, leading him to Julliard and beyond!


GEOFFREY LOWER is an award-winning actor who has worked with Oscar-Winning Director Steven Spielberg, shared the screen with Robin Williams, Dustin Hoffman, and can be seen on timeless TV hits like FRIENDS, DR. QUINN, MEDICINE WOMAN90210, NCIS, and many co-starring roles in his career spanning 30 years.

Attending the UNL Johnny Carson School and later the JULLIARD SCHOOL, Geoffrey went on to work as an actor in classical theaters in NYC, Hartford CT., and Washington D.C. with such names as Joseph Papp, Richard Thomas, Brian Bedford, and Kelly McGillis. In addition to his stage work, which landed him the Philadelphia Drama Critics’ Award for Best-Supporting Actor, Geoffrey has worked with Matthew Modine on Roger Spottiswoode’s AND THE BAND PLAYED ON, and with John Lithgow, Peter Gallagher and Francis McDormand in JOHNNY SKIDMARKS.

Recently, he had the pleasure of working on the independent film DISRUPTED, written and directed by Andre Welsh. The film is currently making its way through the film festival circuit. Geoffrey is excited to share with fans his talent of playing his first full-blown psychopath.

Born in Casper, Wyoming to British ex-pat parents, he grew up in a construction household where his two older brothers became a contractor and a structural engineer. Geoffrey carries both a general construction and a real estate license and has remodeled and flipped many houses in his Los Angeles neighborhood of Silver Lake with his wife Karen. 

Geoffrey splits his time between acting, creating homes for Angelenos with his wife, hanging out with his sons, and a large Akita named Kioko.

THE Hollywood Salon with Geoffrey Lower
8:00-10:00PM PST Monday, March 8th

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