Monday, June 14th, 2021
Hollywood Salon…on Zoom!

Have you ever turned down the volume during a horror movie to find…it isn’t scary at all? The epic soundtracks to the films we love help us feel as the director intended. Movies would be missing an entire sensory component without this month’s special guests and their talents.

Join us on Zoom next Monday to meet this panel of musicians, composers, and creative directors who have taken their musicianship to the silver screen to inspire us to feel a full range of emotions.

LEANNA PRIMIANI is a musical storyteller. Using electronics as well as orchestral instrumentation, she explores the limits of musical form, sound, and time. As a conductor, her credits include the NATIONAL SYMPHONY and LA OPERA. Her music is championed by the NASHVILLE SYMPHONY, the CABRILLO MUSIC FESTIVAL, and the CENTRE DE CRÉATION MUSICALE IANNIS XENAKIS (Paris). As a composer for film and television, her credits include SIGNAL, and THE BAD SEED, directed by and starring Rob Lowe.

JEFFREY GOLD began his career as a film composer in 1996 when he scored the music to his doc short, ISLES IN THE MIDST OF THE GREAT GREEN SEAWhile attending Cambridge, he scored the short film, MONK, which premiered at the Bafta Centre in Cymru, Cardiff, Wales. Other credits include TONY & LOUISEWE CAN DO BETTER, AMERICAVALLEYHEARTand the award-winning score to COIN. He is currently working on the score for the monologue, THE CLERKJeffrey is also an accomplished playwright and screenwriter.

DEVIL’S THREESOME (creative team below) is a 22-minute animated horror/comedy for adults, featuring music from the band, GWAR, and original compositions. OLIVIA TAPHORN is a Music Supervisor and clearance specialist for US and International film, TV, advertising & new media on behalf of production companies, networks, ad agencies & music supervisors. Owner of the midwest-based Rhythm and Roads, she’s cleared music for Gillette, supervised the film THE JOB, & is currently supervising the doc, OPERATION KINGPIN: 27 MINUTES AT SON TAYand the feature doc, FULL OUT


JOSEPH NEIDORF is a film composer who has written for comedy, drama, & action films, as well as reached over 1,000,000 viewers through political video soundtracks for the Biden Digital Coalition, Creatives 4 Biden, and the SuperPAC, Meidas Touch. He is in the process of founding Living Library Musican innovative service that will merge the detailed expression of custom scores with the efficiency of music libraries.

KELLY EISENBRAND is an animation comedy writer represented by The Jackson Agency. She has worked in a 2-day writer’s room at Fonco Studios, and writes for both children & adult audiences. She has a Masters in English Literature from Claremont Graduate University, & Fiction Novel Writing Certificate from Stanford University.

MARCO OLIVARES AGUILAR is a storyboard artist working in animation. He has boarded for several animated television pitches and has done animation for award-winning student films.

Are you a Director, Producer, or Actor looking for music for your project? Come meet the professionals who can provide exactly what you need, and hear how they go about collaborating to make it happen!

THE Hollywood Salon Composer Panel
7:30-9:30PM PST Monday, June 14th

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