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(photo) Producer Darryl Zanuck at work.

The Hollywood Salon

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Everybody knows about the legends of the entertainment world who got their start in Nebraska… Johnny Carson, Marlon Brando, Fred Astaire, Darryl Zanuck. In an industry where it’s all about who you know, it’s not a bad idea to stick together. The Nebraska Coast Connection is an alliance of people who share a common spirit and a link to the Midwest. You can be part of us if you actually come from the state, or if you come from a Nebraska state of mind. Either way, we’re kind of a Nebraska Mafia. We take care of our own.

In 1992, Producer/Director Todd Nelson started the NCC with about thirty fellow Nebraskans to be both a network for entertainment professionals and a bridge between home and Hollywood. The idea was fostered by Todd’s frequent trips home. He often visited late UN-L theatre professor Dr. Bill Morgan, who connected him with former students who were pursuing careers in the arts. With support from the University of Nebraska Foundation, the first NCC cocktail event in Bel Air drew 200 people, and the Nebraska Coast Connection was up and running.
(photo) Producer Darryl Zanuck at work.Since then, they have hosted barbeques, play nights, Halloween parties, Christmas caroling and comedy nights. They’ve produced radio commercials, a few short films and two extensive websites.

But the centerpiece of the group since 1995 has been the regular monthly gatherings called The Hollywood Salon. Not to be confused with the place you get your hair done, the idea of an artist’s salon has a rich history. From ancient times, writers and painters and poets and politicians have met in salon settings to share their art and discuss events of the day. In Athens, Paris and New York, Salons were important ways for ideas to germinate, artists to be discovered and valuable relationships to blossom. The Hollywood Salon continues that tradition with a slant toward careers in showbiz.

(photo) Actor Crystal Carson with screenwriter Lew Hunter.More than 2,000 Nebraskans have found their way into the Coast Connection. About sixty of them attend each monthly salon. Writers, actors, directors, producers, musicians, execs, PAs and more than a few waiters take part. New comers and wanna-be’s are most welcome. It’s here, with the support of friendly folks from back home, where dream-sharing is encouraged. Over the years, hundreds of newly arrived Nebraskans have found jobs, apartments, friends, collaborators, even spouses through The Hollywood Salon. It’s a casual, after-work gathering place for a drink and a bite to eat. It’s a place to reunite with old friends and get to know new ones. It’s an exciting resource and networking opportunity. Special guests like Director Alexander Payne , Screenwriter Lew Hunter, Actress Harley Jane Kozak and other prominent Nebraskans in Hollywood often drop in to share their secrets of success.

Join us. Be a part of the proud tradition of people from the heart of the country who have made their mark in Hollywood.

We’re here to help you follow your dreams.

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